6 Dollar Dozen Jewelry

6 Dollar Dozen Jewelry

Who wouldn’t want to score deals such as 6 dollar dozen jewelry? In this post, I want to briefly discuss some of the resources that are out there on the Web where you can find jewelry on the cheap, to the tune of only 6 bucks a dozen, as I’ve mentioned before. For the mathematically challenged, that’s basically buying jewelry for 50 cents apiece. Who would do this? Well, anyone who would want to mark up and resell the jewelry for starters. That’s one of the outstanding things about finding jewelry so cheap, is that you can purchase it as inventory to sell at a store, some kind of kiosk, or even online. Many people make full-time incomes by selling jewelry on eBay. They don’t get jewelry for anything close to the retail price; they find ways to buy it wholesale (paying only 6 dollars or even less per dozen for it) and then resell it at a profit to their eBay customers. They do this through listing the jewelry in “lots”, or selling individual pieces. Many times they will not only sell the pieces auction-style, but some open up eBay stores and sell them for a fixed price, as part of their virtual store inventory. Interestingly enough, eBay is also an excellent place to buy the actual jewelry lots themselves, as you can see by the prices below:

Jewelry for 6 Dollars a Dozen

The obvious profit potential of buying jewelry for only 6 (or possibly less) dollars a dozen is a clear advantage to any savvy seller. So where would you find this 6 dollar dozen jewelry? Obviously, for reasons shown above, one of my first suggestions would be eBay. Another site to check out is greatamericanjewelry.com. They specialize in selling jewelry for merchants to resell in dollar stores. Another great place (and one that I have found great deals in all kinds of categories of merchandise) is DollarDays.com. They are one of the premier online wholesalers out there, and they have a whole section of their website devoted to cheap jewelry. They sell jewelry lots by the dozen and also by much larger numbers. Another great resource is zacktrading.com; they have lots of good deals on jewelry in the “closeouts” page of their website. Be advised, though…most jewelry wholesalers will have some kind of minimum order amount—for example, as of this writing, zacktrading.com’s minimum order is $75.00. It’s rare that wholesale companies will allow you to order in “eaches”—most of the time you have to purchase a relatively sizeable set amount of inventory for you to order from these types of companies. It’s only reasonable, though…it would simply not be financially feasible for them to fill a truckload of small “onesies and twosies”. So again, to sum it up, four great resources for you to use to find 6 dollar dozen jewelry are eBay, greatamericanjewelry.com, DollarDays.com, and zacktrading.com. Enjoy!





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